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Rattachai Gym Located in Chalong, Phuket. Right next to the world famous "Soi Ta-ied" or Fighter's street, Rattachai Gym feature champion trainers, an emphasis on the reeds of the individual and a great learning atmosphere! HAVE FUN, LEARN TECHNIQUES BOOK NOW

Rattachai Gym is only a 15 minutes scooter ride to Phuket’s most beautiful beaches and a few minutes away from Central Festival and the night market where you can shop and try new foods from all over Thailand


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Muay Thai Kru & team

Kru Nai


• Fight Name: Rattanachai Wor.walapon
• Fight Record: Over 300 Fights
• Titles: 3x Lumpinee Stadium Champion

Kru Nai or Rattanachai Wor.Walapon, Owner : Operator of Rattachai Muay Thai Gym.
Born in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), Thailand. Nai has been a Muay Thai fighter since He was 8 years old. Nai had ranked up well over 300 fights and has many years of experience fighting at Korat (his hometown) and Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok. He's fought and won the illustrious Lumpinee Championship 3 times and been teching for more than 10 years.

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Trainers & Team

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Kru Prai


• Fight Name: Angkarndeth Por.Pao-in
• Fight Record: 150 Fights
• Titles: Rajadamnern Stadium Champion

Prai or Angkarndeth Por.Pao-in Fighting out of Por.Pao-in gym, Prai had a very successful fight career in north-east Thailand and Bangkok, former Ratchadamnern Stadium Champion. Kru Prai is a Favorite Trainer among up and coming fighters.

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Kru Hin

Head Trainer

• Fight Name: Rattanachai Tor.Thaisong
• Fight Record: 254 Fights
• Titles: North-East Thailand Champion

Kru Hin or Rattanachai Tor.Thaisong. 27 Years old from Bung Kan Province. Hin started Muay Thai at 10 years old and has over 200 fights in his hometown and bangkok. fought for Nationally Televised Channel3, Channel5. His style "Muay Khao" for his dangerous knees.

Hin is well known for his friendly and outgoing personality.

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Kru Bas

Kru Bas

• Fight Name: Petbuengkan F.A.Group
• Fight Record: 237 Fights
• Titles: North-East Thailand Champion

Bas started training at Tor.Thaisong gym, where he trained alongside Hin, Piaw and Toto. He has over 200 fights. He proved to be a talented fighter and soon moved to F.A.Group gym where he became a star at Lumpinee stadium.

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Kru Piaw

Kru Piaw

• Fight Name: Yodpaopiaw Tor.Thaisong
• Fight Record: 156 Fights
• Titles: North-East Thailand Champion

Piaw Born in Bueng Kan, Northeastern Thailand, Piaw started Muay Thai at 10 years old and had over 150 fights in a career that was highlighted by winning the Northeastern Thailand championship at 50 kgs. Piaw also has experience trainer overseas in China.

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